We need a logo!

We need a new logo! We’ve been using a temporary one and have decided we need something better. Maybe it is you that can help us?

Please check out the design brief to see if it’s a fit for you. We have a modest budget of $750 to work with.

And if you have any questions, let me know at co-op@cosocial.ca

AGM Tues Oct 3rd 4-5pm PST

Come to our inaugural AGM. We are very excited to hold our very first AGM.

Register to attend here: https://lu.ma/frnzki9y

Save the date for the first AGM, with formal notice and the full AGM package to follow!

​In the meantime, let us know:

  • ​If you have interest in joining the board (we have 3 to 9 seats to fill)
  • ​What you think our goals for the upcoming year should be
  • ​Proposals and issues you think we should be discussing (anything formal that needs to be put in front of the membership needs to be in by Sept 15th)
  • ​Questions you have about how the AGM will happen or how the cooperative is run.

​Preparation and discussion on our Members Discourse: https://members.cosocial.ca/t/agm-prep-getting-ready-for-october-3rd/86